Sunday, May 10, 2009

Marathon May 03 2009

Ingrid Did it!!!! She ran the Eugene 1/2 marathon and finished in 2:10 Hrs....
It fells so good....

Washington DC trip for Alexandro's school 04/27/2009

It was time for the 5th graders to see all the things they learned about in American history and goverment this year. We had some fun, but it sure was a hard trip for Alexandro. He got really sick and we had to go to the hospital. We ended up going home early. He still had some fun though. We are just glad he is better.

We have walls 04/25/2009

Yeahhhhh, we got the shop painted outside and the walls are up!!! It will be ready soon!!!

Alexandro is 11!!!! April 23 2009

This year alexandro celebrated his 11th Bday with an Indiana Jones ice cream cake!!! He had a blast with his bodies from school, going out to dinner at his favorite restaurant - Outback Steak house- and of course opening his gifts, he loves the videogames.

Alexandro in Willie Wonka Play at Abigua School 04/14/2009

Alexandro did a Great Job as Grandpa Joe in Willie Wonka, he even got some singing parts.

He will sure miss Drama next year, it has been such a fun activity for him.

We are so proud of you body you sure worked hard.

Treasured Family moments Brazil 04/2009

"Sometimes it is hard to believe that we are so far away, you get sad and homesick, you pull out the pictures and you, cry...... Finatelly it is time to go visit, it goes buy so fast....Make it slow down please.... We just have to treasure every moment and make it count....

Then it is time to go and you have to say good buy....tears are coming down, you walk to the plane, the doors close and you don't know when you will be back, will things change a lot or a little???? you take memories and moments with you .....and you cry.........."

Brazil 03/21 till 04/05 2009

My nephews are growing way too fast...

For Spring Break Ingrid and the boys took off to Brazil.
We had a great trip visiting the famiy

We got to splore the artifacts and the city for a day.

It sure was fun to spend time with family, Ingrid got to spend time with her cousin Flor and also with her sister Yeld Maria.
Alexandro's Portuguese really improved and he had a blast hanging out with his cousin Vinicius, they were 2 peas in a pod.
Christopher also enjoyed hanging out with the "club 14" - all cousins that are his age, it is really fun to see them together.

Pinewood Derby March 19/2009

Alexandro was proud to show off his Ferrary. Him and Leon spent a lot of time putting it together and it was worth it, he got second place... Way to go Alexandro!!!!