Sunday, February 15, 2009

Alexandro's Poem

I am From…

I am from the fields of grass surrounding my home
The rolling hills in Chinook Estates, and the bookshelves
Filled with undiscovered books.

I am from the musty cabinet filled with board games,
Anxiously waiting for my parents to wake up on Christmas
Morning, and trips to Brazil to visit tia (Aunt) Flor.

I am from “skiwampas” (Leon’s favorite made up word) and, “keep your back Strait!”

I am from rice and beans my mom makes for dinner,
The sizzling stir fry that tickles my taste buds, and the
Bubbling lentil stew that is one of my favorite dishes.

I am form Grandma Presset’s love – which will stay with me forever, my hunting buddy uncle Doug and uncle Kenton’s gigantic movie room.

I am from ten years of family life, and a future that is yet to be discovered.

Written by Alexandro Burrows – February 2009.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Family Birthday lunch for Ingrid Sunday Feb 08-2009

Leon and the boys helped prepare one of my favorite dishes for Sunday dinner, Seafood and mushroom risotto… We had a fun day just hanging out, Ingrid got to open her gifts and we had a delicious flourless hazelnut chocolate cake for our family Bday “party”. Her Best Friend Beverly made the cake, it was delicious….

Ingrid's Birthday February 2009

This year for my birthday I wanted to have a girl’s night with all the great women that have touched my life in so many ways.
I am so blessed to have such great friends, most of them made it and we had a blast.
Thank you ladies…..

Romantic Dinner - Hawaii 01-09

Well we took advantage of our 14 year old babysitting abilities and went out to dinner at one of the restaurants in the hotel where we were staying, The Fairmont Orchid. The food was amazing. We had a great table with ocean view and someone was playing Hawaiian songs on the guitar.
Ahhhhhh…. Need I say more?

Helicopter ride Big Island Hawaii 01-2009

We had a great time flying over the volcano and exploring Hilo. We enjoyed eating some delicious fresh tropical fruits and seafood.
The Helicopter ride took about one hour.

Jet skiing in Hawaii 01-2009

Leon had one afternoon off and we took the boys jet skiing. We had a blast, sure was fun. Dolphins came near us and we could almost touch them we skied for 2 hours.

Hawaii January 17th-24th

Ok, we decided to get some sunshine; Well Ingrid and the boys got most of it. Leon was busy most days attending a medical conference.
We had a great time relaxing by the pool and exploring Hawaii’s big island.

Christopher Performs

On January 13th we attended Crossler middle school winter concert.
Christopher performed in Jazz and Orchestra Band, he did a great job.

Leon's Bday

Ok, I have been slaking lately, so… I will try my best to keep things updated more often.
January 3rd Leon celebrated his Birthday with chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream; we had a quiet night here at home. O Saturday night we took Leon to Outback steakhouse and the boys had a great time eating their sirloin steaks and baked potatoes.