Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christopher's English Paper..... Amazing he wrote it in 20 minutes!!!

Chris Burrows
Period 7

Many are called, but few are chosen to be knights. For a true knight is not merely the shine of armor, nor a clang of the sword. Any man may don armor, wield a sword, and mount a steed. The true value of a knight, yea, what sets him apart from a common foot-soldier is what lies in his heart. Courage, bravery, honor. Yet it is neither how well he fights in battle nor how fearlessly he faces the terrible claws of the dragon in his mountain lair that determines his worthiness to be called a knight. It is the faith in God, the commitment to purity, the strive to bring about morality and righteousness to a world which is held firmly in the grasp of anarchy and terror, to be the light and example to those who live in darkness. The true weapon of a knight is of no carnal fashioning. It is no crude metal spike or club. The true weapon of a knight is the sword of righteousness, and his armor, the impenetrable armor of God. I therefore beseech whosoever desires to take upon him the title of knight, that he first swear his oath of allegiance to God to obey his commandments unto men, to love thy neighbor, and to live a life in accordance in every way with his will. By taking this oath upon themselves they assure the world that the chivalry and purity of the Knights of God will last far beyond their mortal years. They assure the heavens that there are still those on earth who hold true to the values of morality and chivalry. That God may know that although the swords of this age will rust and the castles will fall, even though the kings and nobles are done away and all that is now great and beautiful will fade into myth, that the light of His Knights still shines. That although we have passed on, their will always be a knight in this world who believes in Camelot.


Jacki's travels said...

Very impressive and even more so that it was written in 20 minutes!

Connie Burrows said...

Wow...good thoughts. Keep up the good work.